Application Tools

Levelling Clips & Wedges

The levelling Clips & Wedges is designed for a faster and easier tile installation. Easy to operate, it enables to obtain perfectly flat floor and wall coverings, even in the most difficult cases, such as the installation of large format slabs. Just two components and one simple movement are enough to quickly and accurately prevent lippage between adjacent tiles. Additionally, no need to use spacers to create grout lines.

Applications: For all kind of tiles and stone slabs on floors and walls. Particularly suitable when installing large format tiles. For tiles with thickness from 3 to 12 mm. Packaging : Wedges & Clips – 3 mm & 4 mm

Tile Grout Float

This tool is designed to apply grout in spaces between mosaic, stones, and tiles. This grout float doesn’t not mar or scratch tile, while the fine cut ensure grout is applied smoothly in the Tile joint spaces.

Applications: Tile grout floats are used to fill the grout material and completely pack the spacer joints created between the tiles / stones.

Packaging per Carton: 10 Units

Rubber Float Size : 4″ Rubber float with Aluminium Handle

Tile Spacer

Tile spacer is specially designed to create a uniform gap between tiles, this results in proper alignment throughout the tiling area. The spacers are available in different width sizes starting from 2mm width to 10 mm width.

Applications: To create uniform spacing between tiles/stones resulting in an aesthetic and functionally stable tile/ stone assembly.

Spacer sizes : 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm , 6 mm, 8 mm &10 mm

Notch Trowel

The notch trowel is great for professional tile/stone installations and multi-use, DIY renovation projects etc. It is used to create uniform bed thickness of tile adhesive to ensure complete adhesion of tile to substrate by reducing air pockets under the tiles.

Applications: Different size notch trowels are used to create different adhesive bed thicknesses while installing tile/ stone on a substrate.

Trowel Sizes : ECON 4 – 6mm, ECON 7- 7mm, ECON 2 V Notch – 2 mm, ECON B5 – 12 mm (MS & SS Models)

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