Ready Mix Plaster – ConfraPlast

Ready Mix Plaster – ConfraPlast

Product Name

Product Description :

ConfraPlast is a ready mix, sand-cement based polymer modified plaster. It is easy to use and binds better to the substrate. Special additives and polymers added to our ready-mix cement plaster have two distinct advantages: less curing time and negligible re-bonding losses. Compared to conventional plaster, the finish it provides is much smoother and durable.Itis certified to IS 1542 standards.


Reduce rebounding loss.

Cracks free wall

Providing high compressive strength
Smooth Plastering
Higher durable plaster
Excellent Coverage

Technical Information

  • Colour : Grey Powder mixture
  • Dilution : 25-30% with water by weight
  • Pot Life : 1.5-2 hours (Usuallv it is lesser)
  • Coverage (600 mm x 200 mm AAC Blocks)* 1.8-2 m3/40 kg bag
  • Pack Size : 40 KG 8, 50 KG
  • Curing: Not Required
  • Tensile Adhesive Strength: >041 MPa (as per ASTM – C1660)
  • Coverage: 170 – 180 sqft (for 4″ thick blocks)

How To Apply:

  • The substrate needs to be cleaned and made free from grease and loose particles.
  • Then dampen the surface with clean water.
  • Add ready mix plaster to portable water and mix well for 5-10 mins.
  • Allow mixture to stand for 5mins and then Re-Mix again for 2 min.
  • Apply plaster to substrate using some pressure while finishing with a steel trowel or wood.
  •  Apply aluminium level putty from bottom to top direction followed by left to right and right to left direction to level the plaster.
  • Plain plaster wall ready for wall putty application