Dust Lok- Ultra

Dust Lok- Ultra

Product Name

Product Description :

Designed specifically for the conditions of the mining and resource sectors, UST Confra Dust Lok- Ultra is designed to be applied using existing site water trucks, tankers, or sprinklers. Mixed with water, Dust Lok- Ultra is sprayed onto road surfaces binding fine dust particles and preventing them from becoming airborne dust.


Non Hazardous, Dries Transparent Clear 
Non Corrosive and Safe
Simple and Easy to apply 
Non Flammable and Non Volatile
Water Resistant, Non leeching
Biodegradable, Non Dissipating 
Drie completely Odorless
Ultraviolet ray resistant, Environmentally Safe

Technical Information

  • Increase the effective total area able to be treated per truck by at least 250%.
  • Robust product characteristics allow it to be applied across a diverse range of industries.
  • Annual cost savings (based on Cat 777 water trucks) of $1.2 million per truck.
  • Reduction in water consumption by at least 65%
  • Avoid the impact of slowing down or stopping production due to poor visibility on your haul roads.