Epoxy Tile Grout

Epoxy Tile Grout

Product Name

Product Description :

Epoxy Tile Grout EG – 222 is a chemical-resistant, fully solid epoxy grout that is best suited for the application of ceramic and vitrified tiles, stones, and marble. It has excellent waterproofing qualities, as well as resistance to chemical and mechanical damage. It is available in different colours which will highlight the beauty of the surface, guaranteeing a resistance to ageing and clean joints that cannot be achieved with traditional sealers.


Two component product
Resistance to acids and salt water
Anti-mold, anti-stain, anti-bacterial and anti-acid
Suitable as both, tile adhesive and tile grout

Strong bond between the blocks

UV stable

Technical Information

  • Areas: Indoor & Outdoor Floors and Walls

  • Packaging Size: 1 Kg & 5 Kg