Superior / TOB 11

Superior / TOB 11

Product Name

Product Description :

UST Confra Tile O Bond (TB-11), Tile Adhesive is a polymer-integrated cement-based adhesive ready-to-use premium quality adhesive with exceptional bonding strength and is made of polymers and modified grey cement for fixing of ceramic and vitrified tiles on floors, surfaces and walls.


Grey cement-based formation for high durability.
Ideal for fixing ceramic and vitrified tiles for thin bed applications.
Suitable for interiors and exteriors on both floors and walls.
Excellent adhesion to base plaster and concrete surfaces.
Purely cost-effective with increased productivity and consistent work quality.
Highly- water-resistant and no curing required.
No fear of hacking or worry about concrete shrinkage.

Technical Information

  • Tensile Adhesion: 0.50 MPa @ 28 days
  • Shear Adhesion: 1.00 MPa @ 28 days
  • Pot Life:  > 60 Mins
  • Open Time: > 20 Mins
  • Final Setting Time: 24 Hours
  • Complies with – IS 15477 2019: Type- 1
  • Coverage : 30 – 40 sq.ft
  • EN 12004: C1T

How To Apply:

  • Always ensure to clean the wall or floor surfaces with sandpaper or a putty blade to remove any dirt or unwanted substances.
  • Dampen the surface for reaching a saturated porous point.
  • Mix Tile adhesive with 25-30 % water to obtain a lump-free paste.
  • Let it rest for 10 minutes and remix for another 2 minutes.
  • The adhesive is ready for the first coat, apply on the surface with a putty blade.
  • Use a 6mm notched trowel to create a channel for better gripping.
  • Install the tiles gently and tap slightly with a wooden hammer.
  • Gently remove excess mixture on the tiles.