Soil Stab-Flex

Soil Stab-Flex

Product Name

Product Description :

Soil Stab-Flex is a polymer dispersion for soil stabilization. When Soil Stab-Flex is applied to the soil, the product forms polymer bridges between the soil or aggregate particles and the hydrated cement particles. Soil Stab-Flex is responsible for the formation of a flexible and robust network that is durable and water resistant.


Non Hazardous, Dries Transparent Clear 
Non Corrosive and Safe
Simple and Easy to apply 
Non Flammable and Non Volatile
Water Resistant, Non leeching
Biodegradable, Non Dissipating 
Drie completely Odorless
Ultraviolet ray resistant, Environmentally Safe

Technical Information

UST Confra screed100 mortar can be transported to the building site in pre-packed bags of 40 kg