Repair Mortar – RM 40

Repair Mortar – RM 40

Product Name

Product Description :

UST Confra RM-40 is a polymer-modified, shrinkage compensation mortar. It is dry powder requiring addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent hand and spray grade thixotropic fiber reinforced mortar for structural and load bearing repairs.


It provides high bonding strength.
Perfect bonding to concrete / steel
Easy to use, single layer hi-build application ideal for vertical / horizontal structural repairs.
Shrinkage control feature and repair properly in the very first application

Technical Information

  • Compression strength
  • Compressive strength (after 1 days) – > 10.0 mpa
  • Compressive strength (after 3 days) – > 25.0 mpa
  • Compressive strength (after 7 days) – > 30.0 mpa
  • Compressive strength (after 28 days) – > 40.0 mpa

How To Apply:

  • Only use 25 kg bags and refrain from using half bags. Add 3.5-litre water and not more for mixing.
  • The application surface should be properly cleaned and made free from oil, grease and paint-like materials.
  • Obtain a lump-free paste by mixing well.
  • The thickness of the application should be upto 50mm on vertical surfaces and overhead spaces.