Product Name

Product Description :

Tile O Bond TB31 is an all-purpose cementitious tile adhesive. It is an extremely versatile and multi-functional structural adhesive for fixing all formats of tiles & natural stones on all types of flooring and vertical surfaces. It can sustain extreme weather conditions which ensures that debonding and cracking are never a problem.

It provides excellent waterproofing properties and prevents the cracking of tiles. Tile O Bond TB 31 is a quality product that meets industry specifications. It is compliant with IS 15477:2019 Type 4 standards.


Offering high durability for interior or exterior wall substrate.
Highly cost-effective and time-saving solution.
Excellent adhesion to base plaster and concrete surfaces.
No hacking or curing is required.
Water-resistant, slip-resistant and extended open time.
Highly water-resistant and suitable for new or old walls or floors.
Increased productivity and consistent work quality.

Technical Information

  • Color : Greyish/ White Powder
  • Pot Life:  4 hr @  2325°C and 3 hr 3525°C
  • Open Time: > 20 Mins
  • Tensile Adhesion:  >3N/mm ²
  • Shear Adhesion: >2.5N/mm ²
  •  Transversal Deformation: <5mm
  • Open Time: > 60 min @2325°C and >20 min @3525°c

How To Apply:

  • Always ensure to clean the wall or floor surfaces with sandpaper or a putty blade to remove any dirt or unwanted substances.
  • Dampen the surface for reaching a saturated porous point.
  • Mix Tile adhesive with 25-30 % water to obtain a lump-free paste.
  • Let it rest for 10 minutes and remix for another 2 minutes.
  • The adhesive is ready for the first coat, apply on the surface with a putty blade.
  • Use a 6mm notched trowel to create a channel for better gripping.
  • Install the tiles gently and tap slightly with a wooden hammer.
  • Gently remove excess mixture on the tiles.