Sample Product

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Prodcut Name

Product Description :

UST Confra block joining mortar is a high strength thin adhesive for quick and firm laying of AAC Blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, etc with thin joints. It’s a factory-mixed mortar made up of cement, graded stones, blended with polymers to deliver high strength and water retention properties even when in thickness of 2 -3 mm. With improved compressive and tensile strength, it offers better value for money compared to other products.


Increasing overall masonry strength & load-bearing capacity

Providing high compressive & flexural strength

Superior adhesive strength

Higher durability

Strong bond between the blocks

Technical Information

  • Colour : Grey Powder mixture
  • Dilution : 25-30% with water by weight
  • Pot Life : 1.5-2 hours (Usuallv it is lesser)
  • Coverage (600 mm x 200 mm AAC Blocks)* 1.8-2 m3/40 kg bag
  • Pack Size : 40 KG 8, 50 KG
  • Curing: Not Required
  • Tensile Adhesive Strength: >041 MPa (as per ASTM – C1660)
  • Coverage: 170 – 180 sqft (for 4″ thick blocks)

How To Apply:

  • Block Jointing Mortar can be laying and joining of masonry units like Fly Ash block, ACC block, hollow, concrete blocks etc.
  • Before application surface should be clean and free from dust, grease, oil and any other foreign material.
  • Pre-wet the surface of the block before applying mortar. Allow excess water to drain off.
  • Apply the material on the block evenly with trowel. For best results it is advisable to use notch trowel of 3 to 4 mm to have better contact and bonding.
  • Application should be done by the angle between 35 to 45 degrees, using the right amount of pressure.
  • Use fibre hammer to remove any air gaps in between blocks for proper jointing and alignment.
  • Fill the gap between two blocks with the help of trowel and remove excess material.
  • Mortar should be spread on all sides of the block in such way to maintain the bond thickness 2-3 mm.
  • The coverage area however will depend upon the quality and evenness of the substrate, thickness of joints.

Contact Details

Shuvidha Shanti Nagar, Mira road, (E), Mumbai – 401 107

+91 89288 31711
+91 22 3550 3983